Golf Clubs in Maldives: Resorts with Golf Courses in Maldives


Golf, whenever this word comes in our mind what we think? a game of Elite class people. Do you know who the inventor of this game was? Actually, the fact is that nobody knows the actual origin of this game but the present-day golf was introduced in the 15th century in Scotland. In this game, a person uses a club to hit the ball. This game consists different type of Clubs to hit the ball. The Golf Course can consist minimum 9 and maximum 18 holes and the balls are hit to these holes in series in as minimum strokes as possible. However, the golf course is so designed to make to the game interesting and difficult. An unleveled land is also designed with teeing ground, a number of the water hazard and sand Bunker, out of bound areas, Flag stick, holes etc. Well, you seem very excited to play the Golf in one of the Island completely surrounded by the water, if so? Ok then. On Thailand’s most popular island, Koh Samui, golf fields could be found near luxurious properties of Here we come with a list of some Best Golf Course resorts of Maldives:

Velaa Private Island Maldives

Velaa Golf Course Maldives

The Resort is located in Noonu Atoll, which is in North side of Maldives. This Luxury Resort has a big Golf Course which is named as Velaa Golf Academy. The Golf Course is having 9 tees (all the tees are different from each other), 6 Greens, 7 Sand Bunkers and one Water hazard (or can say a lake which full of turquoise blue water). The Academy also provides a lesson for the beginners. Moreover, it is such a beautiful place surrounded by ocean, and certainly, a golfer enjoys a lovely swing middle of the beautiful island country Maldives.

Shangri-La Villingili Resort and Spa Maldives

Golf Course Maldives

An elite private hideaway is a perfect word for this resort. This island is known as Villingili Island and is located in Addu atoll of Maldives. The resorts have 9 hole golf course consisting of Par 3 and Par 4 holes. This golf course is named as Villingili Golf Course and it is designed by the resort itself. This Golf Course is escalated in the area of 1111 yards. You can see their updated price list on their website. Its beautiful Golf course in Maldives is almost a second paradise and located along the beach, sometimes you may hit it directly in the ocean, so play with skills.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa

The Meeru Golf Club is also a 9 hole golf course. They provide a package for the same in which they will give you all the necessary things which are required. The resort provides Polo cap, T-shirt, and shoes but you have to purchase from their gift shop. This golf course was built in November 2009 and it covers approximate 21000 sq.ft. area. They have their price list on their official website.

Kuredu Resort Maldives

The resort has named its golf course as Kuredu Golf Club. The resort has 6 Hole par 3 golf course which is located in eastern part of the resort and has various sand banks, water hazards, palm trees in-between for making the game difficult. They also provide lesson if you want to learn the game. The cost is provided on request by the Kuredu Golf Club.

Only above mentioned four resorts are having golf courses in Maldives. Here you can experience golf on the island which is surrounded by turquoise blue water.

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