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Kolkata Weather Not Palatable for The Kiwis: Trent Boult

The hot and humid weather in Kolkata does not seem to be helping the Kiwis in their second test against the Indians at the Eden Gardens. In a recent statement Kiwi paceman, Trent Boult said that he has never played in such extreme hot and humid conditions before.

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Trent with very economical figures of 2/28 said that he considers the current weather conditions in Kolkata as one of the tougher conditions he has ever played in his career. He wasn’t sure of the conditions when he watched it on TV but now he has discovered the conditions as pretty taxing for him. According to him the dryness in the wicket and also in the air has made it quite difficult for him. Trent said that the last session was the easiest for him in terms of the heat. He said, “You are just sapped by the time that comes around.” Trent praised his teammates for playing extremely well by putting the ball in the right areas and hence putting the pressure on the hosts.

Trent further added that in the huddle with his teammates they decided that they would not let the hosts drift away with the game with a figure in mind. Elaborating on the strategy Trent said that they wanted the Indians to work for every run they earn. Trent believed that they performed this task of putting pressure on hosts commendably. The Kiwi paceman also didn’t fall short of appreciating Rohit Sharma’s 82 runs which greatly helped the Indian team.

According to Boult Sharma applied himself very well and came up with some good decisions which were beneficial for the team. Boult praised Shama’s ability to efficiently handle a wicket which was going up and down and there was also a bit of reverse swing. Trent thought Rohit Sharma batted decently and consistently all throughout his game.

Shikhar Dhawan seemed to be one player in the Indian side who did not particularly seem to be very comfortable with Trent Boult’s bowling. The high rising deliveries of Boult injured this Indian opener’s thumb on his bottom hand.

Trent speaking on his attack on Dhawan said that he was trying to put the ball in the good area and set up the team. Boult felt a sense of enjoyment and happiness to get Dhawan out in the end. The paceman, praising Dhawan, said that they were mates for a couple of years and said that this Indian opener is a class player.

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