“We are excited. We have never been more excited to be Arkansas Razorbacks. I wish you could hear the voices of the young men that we were on the phone with all night last night. There are young men that are very excited to be Razorbacks. We are very proud of them. We had 18 committed at one time and there was a little bit of negativity that went out. I am happy to say that, of those 18, only one slipped off to Alabama. The other 17 stayed very firm and so committed to being an Arkansas Razorback.”

“I want to thank the parents. I was with Louis Campbell in Monticello with Seth Oxner and his mother and father were just super. I was with Danny (Nutt) in Jonesboro with the Cook’s and Grant Cook. We were talking about the pride of being a Razorback and being so committed. Just the history that these families talk about and the pride of Arkansas and guys like Brandon Burlsworth. These coaches worked so hard, I just wish you knew. The pride they have when they go into a home and they do it first class.”


“Damario Ambrose out of Mobile, Ala. is another guy who is very athletic. We had to fight off the wolves towards the end. I’m really appreciative of the high school coach in Mobile. He did a great job for us.”


“Brandon Barnett is one of our junior college signees. We know his family very well. He’s very fast. He was on track teams. He has excellent speed and a 10.5 100 meters. He’s a punt returner, kick returner and played some defense. He is going to start on the tailback side.”


“Jake Bequette, his father, grandfather and uncle all were Razorbacks. There is another great family. His mother and father have so much class. They love this program and this university. Jake was one of the first of our guys to say ‘I want to be a Razorback’ and never wavered. He’s 6-5, 252 but he’s a skinny 252. He played tight end and defensive end. He’s very athletic.”


“Freddy Burton came here for camp. He is a ‘yes sir, no sir’ guy. He will do anything we ask him to do. He could play safety, linebacker. Coach Herring really liked his athleticism. He’s physical, a high school basketball player. He is a solid person and I’m really proud of Freddy and that he is here with us.”


“Adrian Campbell is 6-5, 250. He can move. I’m excited about him from the Dallas, Richardson area.”


“We got two quarterbacks this year. The first quarterback I’m going to mention is from Beaumont, Texas. His mother and father came in here on a visit. We always try to encourage mothers and fathers to come on visits. I want to start with Joseph Chaisson. He’s very athletic. I think everything is in front of him. He can move, he can escape, he can throw the ball very well and I’m really excited about him. He’s quick and he makes good decisions.”


“Grant Cook is 6-6, 310. He plays basketball. He can move, he’s athletic.”


“Kareem Crowell, I love when they go to military prep because he’s like a redshirt freshman except he gets to play 11 games. He’s 6-4, 315. He looks fit. He can move. He’s athletic. We are very excited about him.”


“Tim Dial, we got him early. He’s (the Oral Roberts track) coach’s son out of Tulsa. Reggie (Herring) really liked him at camp. He can move. He’s a really tall guy. He’s going to put on some weight. He’s every bit of 6-3. He can move and I’m excited about Tim.”


“Nathan Dick is the little brother of Casey Dick. The thing about Nathan, he is a winner. He has won a lot of games. I love his height, the speed of the ball, quick release.”


“Danny (Nutt) found Jerry Franklin in Marion, Ark. This guy is going to start at safety. He is another physical guy who plays high school basketball. He does track and the thing you love about him, he’s very quiet until he gets on the field. Then you will see him play.”


“Juwan Franklin is another running back we signed. It has been hard to sign running backs because of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. This guy wasn’t scared and I’m glad he’s on our football team.”


“Grant Freeman is 6-7. He is another young man who came in for camp a few years back and fell in love with Arkansas. He has been fully committed for a long time. He is also one that is very thin but is a big man.”


“Greg Gatson’s father played here. This guy was one of the best cover guys we had in camp. He’s a competitor. You’ll see his spirit.”


“Wade Grayson is a fighter. He’s a typical Arkansas young man that has grown up wanting to be a Razorback. Everything is in front of him. He knows how to compete. Mike (Markuson) fell in love with him during camp. He was always stepping up in front of the line. He’s a competitor.”


“Bret Harris from Irving MacArthur is a good football player. He is very physical. I like the way he hits.”


“Michael Harris out of Booker T. Washington, Felix Jones’ high school. He ran for 425 yards in one game against a team that can run. This guy is a little thicker then Felix, has excellent speed. He is a thick guy but he can run. He is another guy who was highly recruited, especially at the end, but stayed strong.”


“Patrick Jones is another one of Coach Rocker’s guys out of Atlanta. He has a great family. His family fell in love with our campus. He played tailback and that gives you an idea of the quickness that he has. He will be compared to Keith Jackson. I’m excited about Patrick.”


“Brandon Lampkin is a tremendous young man. You can’t say enough about his character. I love the look on this guy. He is very attentive. What I love about him, he is so attentive, so focused. He can’t wait to get here this summer. When he walks through the door, that’s what a defensive lineman is supposed to look like.”


“Walner Leandre, another junior college transfer from Blinn, is 6-1, 215. He will hit you. He is a big safety.”


“Jermaine Love is a linebacker. This guy looks like a college sophomore physically. He doesn’t look like your normal freshman. He’s ready to go. We are excited about him. He can move. He’s physical. He is what a linebacker is supposed to look like.”


“Isaac Madison, one of the things we had to have this year, we had to have at least two corners. He’s a good skill position guy. He can turn his hips and move. We are excited about Isaac and he also gives us a little bit of height at corner.”


“Seth Oxner from Monticello, 6-4, 280. I love the way he looks. He has a wide shoulder, a wide body.”


“Rhett Richardson. We lost Brett Goode who was perfect for four years. He’s a deep snapper, a short snapper; he has a lot of talent.”


“Alex Tejada, he’s a kicker. I have been watching him since the seventh grade and the ball comes off his foot. He has done a great job lately kicking without the tee. You have to make sure he doesn’t wear out his leg because he loves to kick. I’m excited about Alex and he’s proud to be a Razorback.”


“Crosby Tuck was another one that committed fairly early. He is a fast wide receiver with good hands. I’m excited about his speed. We could tell during the one-on-one drills, he knows how to get off the line of scrimmage and in this league you have to be able to do that.”


“D.J. Williams was highly recruited. Reggie Herring wanted him on the defensive line very early. He’s a competitor. I love his spirit. We had him here at camp. He has the softest hands. He could be anywhere from a Peyton Hillis to a tight end. He could play defense but right now we have him on offense. This guy was highly recruited and I’m glad he is a part of our program.”