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Cadbury Signed Three Years Deal With English Premier League; Anti-Obesity Campaigners Call Foul

Three years deal has been signed between the English Premier League officials and Cadbury. The deal will kick-start from 2017-18 official year. Although, the Francesco Vitrano, the director of the chocolate company, went on to claim this as a “fantastic opportunity” to bring the moments of joy in life in various different ways. He also said that this partnership will act as a way to delight and surprise the customers of the company.

Cadbury And EPL Deal; Cadbury To Sponsor The Event For Next Three Years

Picture Courtesy: CNBC.com

Talking about the sponsorship, the Premier League Managing Director, Richard Masters said that the popularity of the chocolate company across the world and the focus to deliver moments of joy to the world makes them a great fit for each other. Apart from Cadbury, there are few other sponsors of the event as well, namely Carling, Nike, Tag Heuer and EA Sports.

Although, for both the franchises the sponsorship seemed to be a moment of rejoicing, but it was not well taken by all. Especially, the anti-obesity campaigners are dead against this collaboration of the two big companies. Talking about the same, Tam Fry, the National Obesity Forum spokesperson told the media that if the collaboration meant that the kids are encouraged to enjoy the game and not come for a bar of chocolate, then they are in complete support of this particular collaboration.

However, with a befitting reply to the same, the sweet making company has also signed a deal with the Premier League on the existing community program, called the Health for Life, which is focused on improving the lifestyle and food habits of more than 60,000 children from across the world.

With two of the most popular brand names, coming up to tie hands with one another, some people hope that this partnership would help promote both the game and the company to larger audiences.

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