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Gambhir Supports Rahul Dravid For Refusing Honorary Degree

Rahul Dravid has always been respected for the person he has been in the 22 yards. In his personal life also, the people of the nation have always looked up to him and praised him as one of the most humble and gentle cricketer that the nation has ever seen. Well, Rahul has again gained the respect of millions of people of the entire nation, after he gave refused to accept the honorary degree from Bangalore University. In a response to the invitation of being awarded the degree, Rahul Dravid stated that he would love to earn the degree by accomplishing some research in the field of sports and not accept the honorary degree. This was a humble request from the well-known cricketer.

Gautam Gambhir Praises The Ex-Indian Captain; Believes Honorary Degrees Must Be Abolished

Picture Courtesy: India TV

This humble gesture of the sports star has not only left the people of the nation in awe but has also reaffirmed him as an inspiration to millions of youngsters who look up to him as their idol. The ex-Indian captain has since then been appreciated for the act by one and all. Now, Gautam Gambhir is the latest entry in the list of the people who supported Dravid in the same. Gambhir in a tweet said that he is proud of Rahul Dravid giving away the honorary degree and feels that the batsman wants to earn it and that is perfectly what it should always be.

In another tweet, Gambir said that he feels that the decorative and honorary degrees or positions should not be there in the country, as the country needs real heroes and not honorary ones. The tweets came out days after the India Under 19 coach had humbly refused to accept the honorary degree.

Well, having claimed that he would love to take the degree after having accomplished academically in the field of sports, it would be really interesting to see, if Rahul Dravid would really win the degree with his hard work.

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