KL Rahul Feels Ashwin And Jadeja To Play Pivotal Roles In The Second Day Of The Match


Virat Kohli and his side have broken many records in the past that they would be really proud of. However, in the ongoing series although they are breaking records yet again, but the team would not be at all happy with them. After being labeled as the number 1 test team, the team has failed to surpass the 200-scoreline in the last three consecutive innings of the test series. This is a complete disaster by the batsmen of one of the strongest batting sides in the international cricket. With the continuous bad form, they have been able to break the record of scoring repeatedly below the 200 mark, after as many as 40 years.

India Broke Many Records, Might Not Be Happy With Them

The continuous failure of the Indian team in this series would be a real concern for the team management and the players alike. Although the pitch of the Pune test was put under the scanner by not only the experts and players but also the referee himself, the poor form of the team even in the second test is yet to be understood. Apart from scoring 200 runs in three consecutive innings, there is also another record that the Indian team would like to brush off their mind when they play the Australian bowling side, and that is off-spinner Nathan Lyon’s 8 wickets haul by just sparing 50 runs. This is the best bowling figures for any visiting player in India. Also, this is the best figure for Nathan himself.

Even though there was pretty much nothing good for the home team on the first day of the game, KL Rahul feels that Ravichandran Ashwin would be able to break the backbone of the Australian batting order in the next day’s play. He also said that he feels that much like Lyon, Jadeja would also get much help from the pitch, if he is able to keep his line and length constant. Also disclosing the gameplan of the team, Rahul said that they were looking to go after the spinners. However he feels that not always things go the way one wants and that this was just not India’s day.

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