Nikash Kanhar, The Die Hard Fan Of Virat Kohli Talks About Himself


Virat Kohli is the heartthrob of many women across the nation. And he is the idol of many guys out there. These days, his fan following in the nation is more than most other celebrities. However, while he might have many fans, there are a few fans that are valuable to every cricketer. These fans idolize the celebrities to a whole new level. And luckily, Virat has found his die-hard fan. His fan is named Nikash Kanhar.

Picture Courtesy: News State

Nikash is a Private bus conductor and has met with Kohli various times in the past. Talking about his experience meeting with his idol, the 33-year old said that the outstanding batsman and Indian captain has always been very kind to him, whenever he has met him. Virat has always asked him about his health and other personal stuff, which the conductor fondly remembers. However, this surely is not the reason why we call him the biggest fan of the cricketer. We call him the biggest fan of the cricketer, as he has tried not to miss a single match of team India that is played in the nation.

Surprisingly, the conductor is so crazy about the batsman that he has simply gone on to keep his mother’s jewelry mortgaged, to cheer for his favorite cricketer. He surely is now counted among the best fans that the cricketing world has ever seen. Sachin and Dhoni too can boast of having such fans with them.

However, when asked about him following each match, the conductor said he does not get any sponsors and hence, he cannot opt for the matches that are played outside the nation. He added that he tries not to miss any match that is played in India and have traveled to every part of the nation to see his idol play.

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