Satnam Singh Bhamara The First Indian Basketball Player Selected For NBA


Basketball is a famous sport in many countries across the globe. However, in India, we are not too much enthusiastic about the game. Surprisingly, that surely did not stop Satnam Singh Bhamara from becoming the very first NBA player of the nation.

Picture Courtesy: Alchetron

Talking about the same, Bhamara said that he aspires to become one of the key players in the league, win matches for his team and with time, become a star player. Only time will tell, how worthy he would prove to be, for the NBA league. The basketball player further said that he wants to be a role model for the aspiring kids. Well, Bhamara, we can very well say, that we are not sure about the other countries, but after being selected for one of the top Basketball tournaments across the globe, it is very much likely that you already have a lot of young basketball aspirants idolizing you.

Punjabi Boy All Set To Rock The NBA Court

The 21-year old said, that he would love to come back to India after gathering experience and playing successfully on the international circuit. He says, that he would then train the young talents in India with all the experience that he would gather from the international leagues and tournaments.

The Punjabi boy also did share some of his memories, stating that initially he did not like basketball at all, and it was with the help of the coaches and trainers that he has been able to become one of the International players, playing for India. He also took this opportunity to thank his coaches for their efforts and said that the coaches of India as well as the USA have inspired him immensely to play better and better with the passing days.

On being asked if his presence in the NBA will further attract many other Indian players to buckle up their shoes for the game, Bhamara said, that if somebody is passionate about the sports and is inspired by him, he will be honored.

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