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Andy Murray Becomes Britain’s Youngest And The Only Tennis Player To Get Knighthood

After being one of the most reputed faces of the Tennis world, Andy Murray, is now here, to set records in other fields as well. The recent gem to decorate Andy’s crown is a Knighthood that is granted to him from Britain. However, being a night is not what makes Andy set a record, it’s the fact that he is the youngest to receive the award is what sets the record for the ace tennis star.

Andy Murray’s Phenomenal Performance Throughout The Year Earned Him The Title

Picture Courtesy: Daily Express

The current World Number 1, had a few days earlier brushed off expectations of getting a Knighthood, as he was recorded saying that he is too young for such an award and can yet make many mistakes. Andy also said that he can still mess up stuff and make mistakes.

As the Tennis player accepts the award citing that this is a great honor to be turned down, he also became the first tennis player in the history of the game to win the honor. Sir Andy Murray, as he would be referred to from now on, seemed unlikely to use the title on the tennis court.

The year has been one of the most exciting and happening one for the all-time sporting great. He has been awarded a Wimbledon win, which is the second of his career, he had earned his second gold medal in the Olympics and also won the award from BBC as the third BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Going into his personal life, his personal life too had some real high points in the year and the most prominent among them all is of him becoming a father.

Although most of us, know Andy as a sporting great, but it must be kept in mind that he is also one of the most charitable people in the sporting world. The knighthood that Murray has received is a large extent due to all the charity works that he is involved with, throughout the work, including in institutions like the Duke of Cambridge’s United for Wildlife initiative, UNICEF, Malaria No More and World Wide Fund for Nature.

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