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British Boxer Tyson Fury Pleads Innocence: Stated that He Took Cocaine to Tackle His Depression

New reports from Reuters suggest that British boxer Tyson Fury seems to have justified his consumption of cocaine. In a recent interview, this world heavyweight boxing champion defended his use of cocaine by saying that he exposed himself to cocaine and drinking because he felt that it will help him deal with his depression.

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Explaining his position in the interview, the British boxer said that he drinks and consumes cocaine from Monday to Saturday. He adds that his depression was taking a toll on him. He said, “The only thing that helps me is when I get drunk out of my mind.”He admits that he had taken a lot of cocaine and justified it by saying that it’s his life and he has every right to do whatever he wants with his life. He further asserted that he can do whatever he wants and according to him cocaine is not a performance enhancing drug. Tyson further said that he never took cocaine in his life until he started taking them since the last few months. He also pointed out the fact that he had stopped taking this contraband from the 1st of October this year.

Tyson Fury’s representative was unavailable to comment when approached by Reuters.

Last week ESPN had reported that Tyson Fury was tested positive for cocaine consumption by citing a leaked letter sent by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA).

When the interviewers of the Rolling Stone magazine asked the British boxer if he considered himself clean while he was fighting, Fury emphatically said that he had never taken drugs to help himself in his boxing career. He also said that he had never taken any performance drug ever in his life hence pleading his integrity in the game.

Fury was previously charged with a doping offence earlier this year by UK’s anti-doping agency after his urine samples showed traces of banned stimulant Nandrolone.

Tyson, insisting on his innocence, asked the Rolling stone interviewers why he wasn’t barred from playing after he was tested positive in February 2015.

The British boxer who was scheduled to defend his titles against Ukraine’s former champion Klitschko in July pulled out because of an ankle injury. This fight which was later rescheduled for this month again postponed and the reason cited for this was an unspecified medical condition of Fury.

Fury was reported to have said that he pulled out of his training in the Netherlands and is out of training till date.

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