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Lilian Thuram Comes Down Heavily On FIFA For Disbanding Its Anti Racism Task Force

According to recent reports of Reuters FIFA was heavily criticised by French World Cup winner Lilian Thuram for its decision to scrap its anti-racism task force.


In the month of September, the world governing the body of football notified its members that it is disbanding the task force which was set up by its previous infamous boss Sepp Blatter in 2013. According to FIFA the task force has “completely fulfilled its temporary mission”.

Lilian Thuram, while talking to Reuters on this issue, said that he was extremely shocked that such an important organisation which has the capability to reach out to millions of people around the world especially children can declare in the “current global political situation” that it’s anti-racialism task force has fulfilled its temporary mission. Mr Lilian made these comments to Reuters in Stockholm where he was delivering an address on the subject of racism for his Lilian Thuram Foundation.

This former AS Monaco, Parma, Juventus and Barcelona defender narrated to the audience about his experience of having to hear monkey noises from terraces while he was playing in Italy.

Thuram felt that FIFA disbanding its anti-racism task portrays a symbolism in which the world governing body of football says that racism is a subject which is no longer important to them. According to Thuram, this is a recurrent problem in the societies we are living today.

The French World Cup winner said that everybody must be on their guard and should start to change the way they think. Thuram feels that soccer in an “incredibly good way” which can empower people to think differently. According to him soccer and other sports “are the best ways” for people to reform their thought processes.

Thuram had fought his way hard until he reached this stage of his career. He was born in Guadeloupe after which he immigrated to Paris at the age of nine. Thuram asserted that he will continue with his own work to stop racialism in the game.

Thuram, speaking about his Lilian Thuram Foundation, said that his foundation’s main aim is to create more brotherhood in their society. The foundation will continue its mission “regardless of what FIFA does”. He added that the more people who support ant-racialism efforts the better it is especially in an organisation like FIFA.

Mr Thuram was, however, sceptical about FIFA changing its mind. He added that FIFA must have given a deep thought after it said that its project to combat racism is over. He appears very sad to see FIFA reaching this conclusion.

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