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After A Long Drought US Lifts the Ryder Cup

US teams win the Ryder cup ending a drought since 2008. The host’s team dominated the final day singles to win the coveted cup 17-11 at the lovely golf course of Hazeltine Golf club.

After trailing 9½- 6½ for the first two days the Europeans didn’t look to be dominating. But they did staged a comeback with a lead of seven out of 12 matches.

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However, the hosts again shifted the momentum to their side. US golfer Patrick reed showed a lot of determination and defeated the golfing ace Rory McIlroy in a thrilling encounter leading to the first of seven US wins.

Ryan Moore was also impressive. He beat Lee Westwood on the 18th green to get the decisive point.

US captain Davis Love did seem to have a sweet run this time at the Ryder cup. As against this, Love had a tough time as the US captain in 2012 Ryder cup where the Europe team won after a dramatic comeback. Europe was 10-4 down after which they set the momentum in their favour to win the title.

Darren Clarke the captain of the visiting side will come under huge scrutiny for not being able to win the cup for Europe for the fifth successive time. Media reports also suggest that Clarke’s move to pick Lee Westwood his close friend for the Ryder Cup has come under a lot of criticism because of Westwood’s dismal performance in this year’s Ryder cup. Westwood is a veteran at the Ryder and this year‘s Ryder cup appearance happens to be his 10th. With so much experience under his belt, this was least expected of him by the European team.

Clarke did not have any answer to the US team’s superior putting on Sunday. The American players did show a lot of promise as compared to the Europeans. All 12 players on the US team delivered a point each but in the case of the European team, four players drew blanks.

The encounter between golfing aces Reed and Mcllroy in the first 12 matches was what every golfing fan was looking forward to. Reed was obviously the crowd favourite. The crowd was a bit aggressive. While Reed was bowing to the support showed for him Mcllroy felt intimidated. The highlight of this encounter was when McIlroy holed a 60-foot birdie putt on the eighth. Reed upped the ante and followed him in from 25 feet for a sensational half. Excellent golf all round.

After this memorable and empathic win, US Captain Darren Love in a statement to Sky Sports said that for eight years his team has been criticised for not coming together. They have been criticised for a long time. According to him every time they kept losing they felt they have to do something. And this time they all resolved to do whatever it takes to win the Ryder Cup.

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