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Rumors Of His Farewell Match Ruled Out By Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is a known face in the world of cricket. He hs been one of the most popular players of the Pakistani team. It has been two long decades that the maestro is helping his nation with his service. However, recently rumors had surfaced regarding the all-rounder asking for a retirement match from the board. Shahid Afridi has finally broken his silence on the issue and the experienced cricketer has out-ruled all such rumors.

Shahid Afridi Says He Would Not Request PCB For Farewell Match

Picture Courtesy: ccri.org.pk

In an interview that Afridi had with the media personnel in Peshawar, he said that he plays cricket for the nation and not for the board. He also said that the love and support that all the supporters award him with is all the reward that he has ever wanted. Talking about the rumor, the explosive batsman also said that he would not request PCB for a farewell match.

Najam Sethi, a senior official of the PCB, made it very clear that he has no personal issues with the former captain of the nation. He also said that the player would receive a befitting farewell from PCB that he deserves when the right time comes. People have also been discussing the probability of Afridi getting the chance to play the final international farewell match, ever since the right-armed batsman has stepped down from the boots of the captaincy, after the disgraceful performance of the team in the T-20 world cup in India in April.

Talking about his career, Afridi said that he feels that it’s not yet the time to take the call. He is still enjoying the game and is looking forward to continuing at the highest level. He was quoted saying that his presence in the international side of Pakistan, would depend only on the selectors of the nation.

Thus, Shahid Afridi finally puts an end to the speculations which were circulating for long enough, related to his farewell. Also, in the same note, he leaves a hope for all his fans, who might be looking forward to seeing him play for the team once again.

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