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Sachin’s advice to Batsmen: Hide your weaknesses to opposition bowlers

Legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has come up with a bit of advice to upcoming budding cricketers of India. The ace batsman said that a player should have the ability not expose his weaknesses to the rival bowlers.

Sachin Tendulkar, who was a nightmare to the rival bowlers during his time, while speaking to the press at the launch of IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon said that a player “can’t expose his weaknesses”. Sachin cited one of his previous experiences when he was hit in the ribcage.  The rival bowler kept staring at him after his injury. But Sachin also looked back at him with confidence although it was difficult for Sachin at that time because of his injury. Sachin knew he had a rib fracture but he decided not to show his pain to his opponents and kept moving to advance the interests of his team.


Sachin who is nominated as the face of IDBI Federal Life Insurance New Delhi Marathon which will kick off in February next year said that running has made a great positive impact on his training during his 24 years long glorious cricketing career. While commenting on the positive aspects of running Sachin said that it proved to help maintain his fitness. Sachin, elaborating on how running played a vital role in his career, highlighted the point that speed was an important factor. He cited examples of short bursts and recovery to play the ball. As far as running between wickets was concerned according to Sachin it was all about running and the de-accelerating to touch the crease and then re-accelerating to go for the next run.

According to an interesting stat if boundaries were removed from the total runs scored by the master blaster, the batting legend had run 353 km between the wickets in his long cricketing career.

Commenting on the Indian team as a fielding side he said that the home team is regarded as one of the best fielding sides in the world which was not the case in the 90’s.According to Sachin infrastructure has greatly improved. Now the players have learnt to dive .The players have become more conscious about the diet they need to take to maintain their fitness and agility in the field. Sachin admitted that fielding posed as a “bit of a torture” for him. Sachin. He, however, added that he used to spend as much time in the field as possible. His schedule included training and playing for 12 hours a day and this made him happy and he didn’t consider this as a torture. The batting legend said that he always liked to compete and never liked to give any excuses.

According to the master blaster, one must not shy away from facing challenges and difficulties because according to him success might be just waiting for him at the “next corner”.

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