Aditi Chauhan Happy To See Things Brighten Up For Her Club West Ham United L.F.C.


Indian woman footballer Aditi Chauhan is happy with the latest news about the club she has joined. She is back in England after securing the work permit and has joined the West Ham women’s team for the second time. When she joined this team for the first time she became the first Indian footballer to play for an English football club.


Good news does seem to have arrived for this West Ham United L.F.C. which for long has alleged discrimination by West Ham United F.C. Much to the relief of the West Ham United L.F.C., the West Ham United F.C. has recently decided to take full responsibility of this club.

Not so long ago the former chairman of West Ham United L.F.C. accused the Wesh Ham United F.C. of  not proving funding for the women players and the women players had to even bear their medical costs. According to reports published in the British media, the former chairman of West Ham United L.F.C. also alleged that his side was forced to train themselves on the roadside because West Ham United F.C. didn’t allow the women‘s team access to the gym. He further alleged that the women players could not afford a physio nor had they a bus to ferry them to the match venues.

Aditi Chauhan, when asked IANS about the recent developments about West Ham United F.C. deciding to take full charge of the West Ham United L.F.C., said that she was not much aware of the recent developments. She, however, added that she is happy with whatever she has read in the press about her team.

Meanwhile, the vice-chairman of West ham United F.C. in an interview to the Guardian said that West Ham United L.F.C. has always operated separately from the West Ham United F.C. for last 25 years. Now with the West Ham United F.C. taking full charge of their team the next step is to make the future of women’s football more strong and secure. She further added that the Women’s club joining the West Ham United F.C. was a long-standing demand by her and her board. She said that this move will also ensure that the current and future supporters, players and staff of the West Ham United L.F.C. will be partners to the West Ham United F.C. plans in shaping a bright future.

The vice chairman of the West Ham United F.C. Karren Brady said that “her club is passionately committed to equality” especially for women. That’s the reason why, according to her, ladies football ranks top in their agenda.

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