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Can World Number One Novak Djokovic Regain his Form in His Next Match in The Upcoming Shanghai Masters?

There seems to be a change in the priorities for the world no 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic. The top priority for him is no longer winning a Grand Slam tournament or being at the top of men’s tennis. Novak in his latest stand seemed to look less ambitious. He told reporters that he does not want to think about winning titles and also being the world no1. This change in attitude appears to be largely an attempt to avoid putting more pressure on himself. Reflecting on his last win in Roland Garros, the world number 1 said that after winning this year’s French open he did put a lot of pressure on himself which he didn’t like. He added that he always loved playing the game and also and not just in tournaments. But in the last few months, commentators talking about him making history has put him under tremendous pressure. Djokovic further clarified that his current feelings do not reflect his lack of interest to contribute to the game. He said that he just does not plan to play tennis for only winning titles.


Djokovic was in tremendous form in the beginning of this year winning two grand slams in a row –the Australian Open and The French Open but after this, there was dramatic fall in his form. Any chance of regaining form in the near future has diminished after his pull out from the upcoming China Open because of his elbow injury.

2015 was the year which saw Djokovic at his best. He seemed to be invincible. He won three of the four major tournaments last year and this year, after winning the first French Open title, he got his career slam. His excellent form enabled him to beat Briton No1 Andy Murray in the finals.

After the losses in Wimbledon and at the Olympics Djokovic on several occasions said that his effort to win the titles took a toll on his mental and his physical abilities. He said that his efforts drained him mentally and physically. His current situation arises a question that whether he will be able to match Roger Federer’s record of winning 18 Grand Slam tournaments ot not.

While going through a light workout session in the mooring in Belgrade the world number 1 said that he wants to win titles in his career. He said that if wins and titles come his way he will be more than happy to accept them. He disclosed that he is currently on an active vacation and his next match will be at the Shanghai Masters. Speaking of his injury he said that although the injury was small and he was dealing with it, the nature of the injury was such that it has the potential to be a long-term issue. Commenting on his fitness he said that he is almost fit but his micro-injury is affecting his serve. Djokovic’s serve is one his huge strengths.

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