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Cristiano Ronaldo From A Footballer To A Businessman

Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese professional footballer, seems to stare his retirement plans although he maintains that he will continue to play the game he loves the most, football for a minimum of 10 more years. This legendary footballer has recently started to invest in hotels. He opened the Pestana CR7 Lisboa hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. This is Ronaldo’s second partnership in hotels with Pestana. The first hotel of this legendary striker is located on his home island of Madeira.


Ronaldo speaking on his investment in hotels said that since he was young, he had dreamt of owning his own hotel. And after having tow now he is proud if the fact the one is located in Portugal’s capital Lisbon. Previously he did not have a hotel in the Lisbon. He considered Lisbon to be a part of his history since he played there.

Ronaldo’s future plans include opening up tow more hotels in Madrid and New York. In his partnership with Pestana Ronaldo is reported to have invested around 15 million pounds.

The legendary footballer commenting in life after football said that according to him, life in not just about football, although he is extremely passionate about the game but he should equally concentrate on his life after football. Ronaldo said that since he has only 10 or more years left in his career it is time for him to think about his personal life.

Ronaldo is also planning to open two more hotels in Madrid and New York as he has already invested 15 million pounds with Pestana.

Besides the hotel business Ronaldo also inactive in other business ventures. The Portuguese footballer owns a line of official shirts, underwear, fragrances, blankets and footwear.

To showcase his trophies and memorabilia the legendary footballer has also built his own museum which is named Museu CR7. This museum is located in his hometown.

The legendary footballer has been showered with a lot of awards and honours for his incredible contribution to the world of football. In 2014, Ronaldo was honoured by elevating him to the rank of Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Henry.

Apart from earth, Ronaldo also has his presence in space. A galaxy named after him. The galaxy which was discovered by astronomers in 2015 named CR7 (Cosmos Redshift 7) as a tribute to this footballer.
After the Portugal skipper led his team to clinch the Euro Cup 2016 the Madeira Airport in Funchal was renamed the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport as mark of honour to this portage footballing legend.

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