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Coach Antonio Thinks Patience And Long Term Planning Is The Way For Chelsea To Succeed

Antonio Conte, who was appointed as the coach of the Chelsea Football Club this April, said that more time is required for his side to play the game he wants. Antonio also added that it is wrong for the club owners to judge the manager solely on the results of the team. He said that he prefers the Arsenal Football Club’s model of patience and long-term planning.

Antonio found it difficult to see Liverpool dominate Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Blues’ last Premier League game. But he does not seem to have lost hope. Antonio in a recent comment has said, “It is normal when you start to work in a new team, and you bring a new idea and method of football you need time, But I’m confident about this and trust in the work. We can improve a lot.”

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In the Chelsea-Arsenal match on Saturday Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger celebrated 20 years in charge of the club. It should be noted that Antonio is the 12th Chelsea Manager the Frenchman Wenger has faced in the Premier League.

Chelsea Football Club is an English professional football club based in Fulham, London, which competes in the Premier League of England. Founded in 1905, the club’s home ground since then has been Stamford Bridge. This football club which is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, in 2016 has been ranked as the seventh most valuable football club in the world at £1.15 billion by Forbes magazine.

Conte, commenting Wenger’s loyalty with Arsenal and the role of a manager in a football club said, “It is fantastic if someone is able to stay for 20 years in the same club. There is satisfaction in both sides. Sometimes I think it is important to value a manager not only if he wins, loses or draws. Sometimes if you judge only if they win, you make a big mistake and you pay for this in the future.”

Antonio, who had previously played for the Italian National football team has managed five football teams.

Supportive of defensive improvement, Antonio has said, “When we concede a goal, all the team concede a goal, not only the defenders, It means we must work together to improve the defensive situation. This problem was already there in the last season. We must work a lot on this aspect because if you want a great championship, you mustn’t concede so many goals.”

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