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FIFA Goes Tough On Unbecoming Fan Behaviour Across The World

FIFA, in a move to curb unsporting and discriminatory conduct from football fans from around the world, has imposed sanctions on 11 football associations for the same for their Word Cup qualifiers.


Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Italy and Albania have been imposed fines by the FIFA. Chile has been slapped with a one match stadium ban. This ban has been slapped by FIFA on all these countries after their fans had been found guilty of homophobic chanting.

Chile seems to be a repeat offender in this case. Previously this year this country was given a two match ban with one ban suspended for the same offence.

FIFA, in a statement, has said that Chile who has already omitted one game from their national stadium in Santiago will now have to search for a new venue to host their World Cup qualifying match against Venezuela which is scheduled to be played in March next year.

World soccer’s governing body suspended Chile’s sentence after their World Cup qualifier against Bolivia in September.

According to a statement by FIFA, since Chile has done another infringement during the probation period given by FIFA, an extra one match ban will be applied for playing in Chile’s national stadium (Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Pradanos in Santiago)

A total of 65,000 Swiss francs as fine was imposed on Chile for the twin offences after the Chilean fans were found guilty of chanting homophobic slogans in their September encounter against Paraguay.

In the South American World Cup qualifying group Chile is rankled 7th. Chile has gathered 11 points from the eight games it has played so far and it’s just two points shy of a spots which will guarantee its place in the finals in Russia.

FIFA has also imposed fines on Honduras (65,000 Swiss francs), El Salvador (45,000), Mexico (30,000), Peru (30,000) and Brazil (20,000) for homophobic chanting by their fans.

Countries like Italy, Argentina Canada, Paraguay and Albania too were slapped with fines ranging between 20,000 and 50,000 Swiss francs for incidents involving discriminatory and unsporting conduct by fans.

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