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Neil Warnock Comes In As The New Team Manager Of Cardiff City FC With Big Expectations

Cardiff City F.C. has got itself a new team manager. Neil Warnock has replaced Paul Trollope as the new manager of the Cardiff City football club. Trollope was dismissed from his job just less than five months after he assumed charge for his poor form as a manager. While he was in charge Cardiff City F.C. was not performing well with the football club being second in the bottom of the table with just two wins from 11 games. Neil Warnock who was in charge of Rotherham United F.C. until recently was instrumental in helping the club avoid an exit from the Championships last season. Despite his success as a manager Warnock denied the request to stay on as the manager for the club. Warnock had also managed Sheffield United F.C. previously. With his new promotion as a manager of the Cardiff City F.C. Warnock seems to be more determined to advance his career as a manager.

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In an interview to the Bluebirds website, the current manager of Cardiff City football club explained his position. He said that he enjoyed working for the Rotherham club and had got seven promotions in his tenure and he was also expecting to get an eighth. So he decided to wait. In the meanwhile, he started having talks with different football clubs from the onset of summers but nothing seemed to have been positive for him. He believed in fate and was patient. When the phone call from the chairman of the Cardiff city football club came he was quick to accept his offer to manage the team. The former Rotherham manager said that he always wanted to “feel wanted” and once the Chairman of Cardiff City F.C. said that he was the number one choice for the post he felt really elevated.

Kevin Blackwell will be Warnock’s assistant and Ronnie Jepson has been appointed as the first-team coach.

Cardiff City football club has decided not to make any changes to its existing staff members that include James Rowberry, Martyn Margetson and Lee Southernwood. They will continue to help Warnock by being members of his backroom team.

Cardiff is the 15th assignment for Warnock as manager. According to him the experience he gained from his past postings and his efforts to revive their fortunes will greatly help him in his new assignment as the Manager of the Cardiff City football club.

Warnock has been a fan of Cardiff city. Elaborating on his love for the city he said that he always liked being there. He said, “I’ve always liked getting off the bus.” He said that he gets along quite well with the Cardiff lads and he is pretty should the people whom he expects to meet in his bus rides will be ready with an autograph book for an autograph from him. Warnock spoke of how he always enjoyed a good banter with the Cardiff people. Warnock seemed confident that he would have the Cardiff crowd behind him if he got things right for them.

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