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Star Spanish Defender Gerard Pique Succumbs To Fan Criticism

Gerard Pique, a Spanish footballer seems to have succumbed to the criticism from his supporters. This Spanish defender recently revealed his intentions to retire from the world of international soccer after the 2018 World Cup Football. The reason cited by this influential defender for his retirement is his growing intolerance for the criticism from his fans. He said he is “tired” of facing the criticism from his fans. This was stated in a news report by Reuters.



Pique caught everybody’s attention after he cut off the sleeves from his shirt which adorned Spain’s national flag colours of yellow and red. The Spanish player did this in the team’s World Cup qualifier match against Albania on Sunday.

The Spanish defender didn’t seem to have a very cordial relationship with Spanish fans for his continued criticism of Real Madrid and also for his stand to support Catalan independence. Pique has come under heavy criticism in the press and social media for the stands he has taken.

Pique caught the reporters by surprise after the game against Albania when he said that he would retire after 2018 World cup football.

In his post-match interaction with the press, the Spanish defender expressed his tiredness at the constant criticism from his fans and said he would stop playing for the national team after the World Cup in Russia in 2018. He said that by doing so he would be in peace.

He justified his action of cutting off his shirt in the world cup qualifier against Albania. According to Pique, he cut off the sleeves of his shirt as they were bothering him. He said that he has tried everything but he can’t bear it anymore. He added, “ The thing with the sleeve is the straw that has broken the camel’s back”.

Pique has been a very useful player for Spain. He played 88 times for his home team and also has the distinction of winning the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and Euro 2012.He has also been a part of failures which the Spanish teams have suffered. The Spanish defender was in the national team in their disappointing campaigns in the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016.

Pique hasn’t got the same support and love from his fans like his other teammates His bad rapport with his fans reflected when he was booed in the friendly match with Costa Rica in 2015.This booing happened when he made of joke about the Legendary Cristiano Ronaldo. He did something similar to this in his recent match against Albania and met with the same fate.

Commenting on this fan behaviour Pique said that such behaviour has finished his joy of playing for his home team.

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